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Saint Seiya Zone


Saint Seiya Zone


Any of the Gold Saints like pizza? (Although some of them would probably ridicule pineapple on pizza lol).

I love pineapple pizza, lol! I don’t doubt DM gets very upset with “creative” recipes, and is all for traditionally made pizza. He nails it every time, too! I don’t know if Mu would eat pizza as a habit, or Shaka, but they did try it when DM made it.

Aioria, Shura and Aphrodite will not say it out loud, but they love it when he makes it. Milo, Camus and Aldebaran are interested in learning the recipe, and will later touch it up for their own local purposes (DM does not necessarily approve, but is honestly curious).

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Hi! I haven't read Next Dimension so I have some questions... Like, who is the protagonist? Is it really Pegasus Tenma? Or is it one of the classic Bronze Saints? or...? // Has the 18th Century Athena appeared? Does she have a name? // At the beginning they included stuff from Heaven/Olympus/whatever (like other gods and their warriors) right? But now they are going up the 12 Temples (again) so does the story still feature that stuff or was it left aside? Thanks for the attention! :)


ND in general is a parallel, canonical, retelling of the 18th Century Holy War vs Hades. The main characters used to be Dohko and Shion in the past, and Saori and Shun in the present, but that was forgotten long ago lol.

The thing is, in the present, Seiya is dying because Hades’ sword is slowly going to destroy his heart and kill him. Saori wants to travel to the past in order to prevent this. Her first stop is with Artemis and her Satellites. Then Hecate helps Saori and Shun talk to Chronos, who sents them back…. but turns Saori into a baby, lol (in theory, there cannot be 2 Athenas, because there is only 1 goddess). Touma also appeared as a prisioner from Tenkai sent to kill Seiya, but Marin intervened.

Right now, that stuff has not returned (not even the Specters ^^Uu). Whatever direction ND is following, Kurumada is taking a long time to get there. I hope this helped!



Hello!! Do you perhaps know if there's around some sort of official list of the countries of origin of LC saints and specters?


To my knowledge, there is no such list for the Lost Canvas characters (which is probably intentional, since the world was divided differently in 1743-44). The LC Enciclopedia provided in the final Gaiden volume only lists Name, Birth date, Blood Type, Height and Weight.

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Saint Seiya: Legend of the Crimson Youth
Taken from Kuori’s twitter.

Saint Seiya: Legend of the Crimson Youth
Taken from Kuori’s twitter.


Os Cavaleiros do Zodíaco Ω

1ª Abertura: Pegasus Fantasy (Ver. Ω)

Sempre que as forças do mal ameaçam a Terra, os Cavaleiros da Esperança surgem para protegê-la. Vestindo as armaduras de suas constelações protetoras, eles lutam explodindo seus cosmos, a energia existente dentro de seus corpos. Estes guerreiros protegem o amor e a paz na Terra. Eles são os Cavaleiros de Atena!

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Do you have headcanons for how well all the gold saints individually get along with other? (like interactions we haven't seen) For which ones would get along great and which ones might butt heads a little (or more than a little).

Hi! I talked a bit about it here. DM def bumps head with everyone at some point lol

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Yess, we're gonna get more info about SSho anime in the next magazine issue (btw when is the release date for that next issue?)

According to AmazonJP, the next issue will be published on Aug/18.

i love your answer regarding camus' personality and, to me (just my opinion) camus wasn't always a cold person, but after shion's death, aiolos' "betrayal" and saga's disappearing, he must've changed quite a lot and when hyoga and isaak popped in his life, it must've reminded him of his childhood days and made him want to be good to them... but then isaak died and he went back on being his cold, distant self...

Yeah! This poor man (and pretty much all of his companions) had a severe case of the sads for more than a decade :(

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