How Old is My Elna Sewing Machine? (Old Vintage Elna Review)

Elna: Serial No. This machine was made by the Swiss firm Tavaro S. The Company started manufacturing sewing machines in and the Elna was introduced in Designed by Ramon Casas it was the first modern free arm portable machine weighing It proved to be extremely popular and by was being sold in 25 countries. Manufactured until the Elna under went very minor modifications during its production most notably to the motor and its housing. Initially the Elna did not carry a model number but has since become known as the Elna No.

Elna Grasshopper Review

Getting older d oesn’t mean getting worse or ready for the junkyard. It can mean like fine wine, it just gets better with age. That is the way it is with some sewing machines. They get better the older they get.

The next step in the area of household appliances is the appearance of the series ELNA Star, “Supermatic,” which was produced from to In it there are.

It should, though, cover most eventualities, and hopefully be better than nothing. OK, we start by lifting the access door on the bend in the arm, and noting the serial number, the first digit of which is the last digit of the year of manufacture …. Now, given that most Grasshoppers were produced between and , the question arises as to whether this one is or Similarly, any serial number starting in 0 or 1 is going to be ambiguous. So how to tell? Out of the 7 machines I have here right now, the only one without a date punched on the periphery of that access hole is the one with the serial number starting with a 5, and that has to be 19 45 because production had stopped before I have seen a date-stamp inside a motor housing done with an ordinary rubber stamp, and apparently some machines were rubber-stamped with a date underneath, but whether or not those could be taken to be its official date of birth I have no idea.

Another way you can tell if its or is the red paint at the oiling points. Sure, or you could go by the stitch regulator numbering, whether some of the screws are crosshead or slotted, and so on. I should have made it clear that my comments were not intended as any kind of comprehensive reference. Stamped underneath — 21 January Serial number — Under round cover plate —

Elna Supermatic – a keeper?

I love the picture of your mom! I had the opportunity to buy a Grasshopper about a year ago and didn’t. I’ve occasionally kicked myself ever since. Have you considered buying an industrial? Anyway, you have some really great machines. Enjoy them all!

Dating Elna Sewing Machines For all Elna sewing The Elna Supermatic was the world’s first fully automatic household sewing machine. It was revolutionary.

Elna Technical Reference Material. Knowledge accumulated during my time with Elna and in the Industry generally. History of Elna. Sewing Machines. Tavaro SA Geneva Switzerland. The Spanish engineer Dr. Ramon Casas Robert returned to his parents’ home in after completing his studies. Whilst at home he was asked to repair an old sewing machine, this gave him the opportunity to study the mechanism in which he became totally absorbed.

He remembered he had friends who had a corset factory and paid them a visit. It is common belief that these friends may have also included an Aunt.

Elna 722010

Last weekend I added a new machine to my little vintage collection. The body paint is pretty good too, only a few chips here and there, mostly at the sides on the base, probably from the edges of the carry case. Even the light still works! I am however a little sad that there was no instruction booklet.

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So how do old sewing machines fit into the rusty collection? I would say there are several reasons. The first reason is that I knew I needed to do some repairs on the old cars I would need a sewing machine for. When I started to look for a sewing machine I realised I would need an old sewing machine for the work I intended to do.

Researching old sewing machines revealed a whole universe of machines, manufacturers and history. And best of all: they were mechanical marvels and very affordable too. The Chinese Cobbler machine.

S/Machine, Tavaro SA…..

From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics, get the full story with all the live commentary. Elna junior sewing machine. This is a great little compact sewing machine!

machines I own # Elna Grasshopper present from my dad. It’s an Elna Grasshopper. Stay up to date via my newsletter. By checking this.

I have an Elna Grasshopper named Katherine, after the original owner. There is a wonderful Elna Grasshopper blog that you must check out. And the Elna Yahoo group. There are two places to look for the age of the machine. Take off the covers for the bobbin, feed dogs, and then the longer arm cover can be removed. On the back side of it should be the manufacturer date printed.

Also on the right side of the machine above the wheel, there is a small round disc attached with one screw. Unscrew that, and swing it up. There should be a date printed in there too. Can’t wait to hear what age your’s is!


Year of Production Manufacturers His inventor’s mind quickly thought of the housewife and sewing dating machines repair trouser legs production sleeves; he realized that the dimensions of such a machine would need to be reduced. Thus the idea that gave birth to the first modern household sewing machine machines a year arm was conceived. It is thought a working prototype had been completed by. The machine design included a free arm, built-in motor and light. The carry case production a unique feature having the shape of the free arm cut year of its side enabling the case to extend the sewing area.

The outbreak of the Spanish Civil War July to April caused him to emigrate to Switzerland to continue the development of his machine.

Today I found an Elna Supermatic offered by an elderly fellow who likes to casually tinker with sewing machines and clocks. He told me.

Elna is a Swiss brand and former manufacturer of textile machines , including fabric presses and sewing , overlock and coverstitch machines. When the Swiss federal government restricted, then banned, exports of war materiel , Tavaro shifted to peaceful industry. Tavaro’s first sewing machine had no official name – just a model number – but it was consistently referred to in sales literature simply as Elna without a definite article.

Ramon Casas Robert , [a] a Spanish engineer, a working prototype was reportedly complete as early as , but development was interrupted by the Spanish Civil War , and Casas was forced to emigrate to Switzerland. With most of Europe’s manufacturing economy still devastated, Elna’s market position was very favorable as post-war demand for sewing machines rose.

Within a year, Elna International Corp. SA had been entered into the cantonal company register , though export did not begin in earnest until after the end of the war. Elna was a radical departure from its competitors, and its success permanently changed the home sewing machine market, introducing features now considered standard. Its most significant innovation is its free arm, a feature previously found only on industrial sewing machines.

A free arm houses the machine’s feeder and bobbin driver in a tubular arm-shaped bed, enabling material to be wrapped around the mechanism during sewing rather than simply resting on top of it. A free arm greatly simplifies sewing tasks like darning and hemming on delicate fabrics and difficult-to-reach seams – uses for which Elna was heavily advertised. Elna’s drop-in rotary hook runs with little movement or noise, unlike oscillating shuttle machines popular at the time, which require a bobbin case and vibrate at high speeds due to air resistance.

Casas also recognized that “when a woman finishes sewing she wants to get the machine out of the way,” [4] so Elna was designed to be portable and easily stored.

Elna Grasshopper Manual

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Casas thought through even the design of a miniature suitcase for the sewing machine, which also serves as a table platform. After successful experiments, Ramon Casas patented his invention and in , produced a small pilot series of machines. All went well in the beginning of the serial production, but in July the Spanish civil war broke out, so Ramon Casas had to emigrate.

(ELNA GRASSHOPPER MANUAL PDF If you want to have a destinatio) Date of publishing: March 22nd, Number of pages:

You must have seen them, those sturdy little green machines with their utilitarian curves and ingenious carry case? It stayed in the back of my mind, I was allowed to buy one if I should happen to find one at a car boot sale or second hand shop. It became my holy grail! Well, it certainly became my screensaver for a month or two! Then I turned 45 and my very generous friends The Peacocks also boot-sale buddies!

Nice and clean, a few character building scratches, and this fine selection of bits and bobs…! Elna Grasshopper Blog. The tension setting guide was pretty low for normal sewing, so I tried it all the way down to zero, but still no joy. I ran it with the cover off and it was still rattling around, it looked like the bobbin casing was about to fly out.

Never knew these existed until my neighbour had one for 25 bucks in a garage sale. Originally resisted but went back and got it. It came with the original manual in French, from Canada and accesories. What a great find! Good luck coming with it!

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