Introducing: The Asheville Date Night Jar

Remember when you and your partner used to go on date nights? It used to be so easy, and now it all seems like a distant memory. The good news is that you can always bring date nights back into your routine. They don’t have to be for only special occasions, either. In fact, you should regularly have date nights that are “just ‘cuz. Keep in mind, your date doesn’t have to be expensive.

How to Create a Date Jar (and take the stress out of date night)

A jar that contains colored sticks and each stick represents a certain way of spending time. Orange stick — names of restaurants. Yellow stick — ideas for daytime outings. Blue stick — ideas for evening outings.

Date Night Ideas – Dating My Husband – – these would be cute to put on tongue depressors for drawing at random from a jar. by flutterfly7 on.

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This year of date night ideas at home will help you plan ahead! Fun and romantic date night at home ideas to fill your calendar with love! In a date night rut? Download my free Date Night Ideas Checklist for a fun list of activities you can do together and check off as you go! Growing up, I was absolutely useless at telling if someone had a crush on me.

75+ Dates for a Date Night Jar

Dinner and a movie. Eating out, then ice cream. Renting a movie. My husband and I are no stranger to this phenomenon. We draw a folded piece of paper out of the jar every week and go on that date within the next week.

Easy & Cheap Date Night Jar Ideas That Will Fuel The Fire – Ideas · Laugh Together On A Game Night · Take Dance Lessons Right From.

So Ben’s birthday was last week, he turned 24! It was a great day full of celebrating him, and because we are newlyweds and not just rolling in mounds of cash I made several of his birthday presents myself. This is so easy to do and so much fun to have all these fun dates to try and plan for throughout the year. Hope you love these ideas, please be creative and think of dates that fit you and your special someone. Please look around my blog and enjoy yourself.

I love to get feedback from my readers, drop me a line anytime! So I just got a mason jar and spray painted it a metal gray color I used Popsicle sticks to write the dates on, again, this is up to you on what you want to do. It just seemed to work well for me to use these. Then you just stick the sticks inside the jar and you have a customized date night jar for you are your main squeeze.

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Date nights are great in theory, but once you’ve been with your partner for a significant period of time, coming up with different ways to keep things fun can be a little hard. While the idea of a date night jar might not sound exhilarating, it’s actually been the best way my husband and I ensure we still get alone time and try new things while we’re at it. And the best part about having a jar is you can customize it to fit your and your partner’s needs, as many times as you want.

Once you have a standard mason jar and a package of popsicle sticks or just a bunch of pieces of scrap paper , both of you write a handful of date night ideas that you want to do and add them to the jar. You can also color-code them, using one color for at-home dates, another for adventurous dates , etc.

Date nights are great in theory, but once you’ve been with your partner for a significant period of time, coming up with different ways to keep.

Tackle a FUN Project Write a Gratitude List Together Have an Ice Cream Sundae Night Play a Video Game Together Search for Funny YouTube Videos. Give Each Other a Back Rub Share Where You Want to be in 5 or 10 Years. Play a Prank on Someone Set up a Scavenger Hunt for the Kids Watch a Home Video Together

Date Night Ideas Jar + Printables

Date nights look much different these days. Since moving to a new city, growing a family, and trying to save money, trendy restaurants, eat-in-theaters, and long weekends away are things of the past. It has gotten a bit redundant, and the novelty has worn off. This jar, which I keep on the dresser in our bedroom, is full of small folded pieces of paper. On each piece of paper is an idea for a date night activity that we can do at home.

At home movie night (her choice).

This date night jar is a fun and easy way to come up with new date night ideas! Around here, we LIVE for date nights! But today we are going to share an idea that will take even more guesswork and most of the planning out of your weekly date nights! Get ready for some romantic fun! Making a Date Night Jar is a great way to keep your marriage or relationship healthy and happy!

I hope that these ideas have encouraged you to get out and date your spouse! If you have more date night suggestions, please leave us a comment below. She was on the Somewhat Simple Creative Team in This post first published in

66 Date Night Ideas to Inspire Romance

Where it all began for A Year of Dates: a pretty glass jar decorated with ribbon, full of thoughtful surprise date ideas, perfect for any couple. Yes, please gift wrap. These golden envelopes provide you a way to deliver a special message, or question, that only you can identify. Your recipients can select one of 52 sealed envelopes, each containing a surprise date idea, plus five blank versions so they can add their own ideas.

The envelopes are presented in a jar, tied with a decorative ribbon.

In , John gave Kate a jar filled with 72 sealed envelopes – each containing a different idea for a date. The date ideas included everything.

Use this weekly date night jar and commit to each other with a date night a week for a year! From free to luxurious, these 70 date night jar ideas will help you connect each and every week family ideas included. We all know connecting with our spouses regularly helps maintain a strong and healthy relationship but life is busy! Finances change, kids happen, mama needs a pedicure… My point is these ideas are:. This weekly date night jar took less than an hour, including coming up with the ideas.

If you want to make a HUGE impact with a few date nights at home, grab some more mason jars and put together one or all of these date nights in a jar. You can either follow the simple steps below or print out the list of ideas, cut them out and put them in the jar as folded up strips of paper.

Weekly Date Night Jar – 70 Free Date Night Jar Ideas!

Hey yall! I’ve seen so many people try this idea with Popsicle sticks and mason jars and I wanted to put my own spin on it! Finding fun things to do when you’re in a relationship can be….

Looking for the perfect gift for your sweetheart? How about a date night jar, filled with 75+ different date ideas!

Getting trapped in a date night rut is incredibly easy to do. You and your partner love a certain restaurant, and before you know it, every date night is designated for the same dinner and a movie routine. I saw this idea originally on Oh Simple Thoughts , and absolutely loved it! I created my own with both free and non-free options. I went with 30 ideas….

Then when you finally book the babysitter, or are about to reach for the remote on a Friday night again! You never know, you might just have a memorable night!

10 CHEAP Date Ideas That Are Still AWESOME