Iran launches matchmaking website to encourage marriage

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U.S. warns ‘time is short’ as Iran nuclear talks make little progress

Updated Iran launched its first official matchmaking website Monday, its latest move in a quest to encourage marriages and births, the Associated Press reports. This should have happened a long time ago. But “the matchmaking website you are seeing today is not a website for introducing boys and girls to each other,” Golzari added , insisting the site is not intended for dating. The new website has mediators— clerics , doctors, teachers and other professionals— match single applicants with one another based on information about age, education, wealth and family background.

It launched after a year of trials with the goal of producing , marriages in the next year. The matchmaking website comes as part of a larger effort to increase marriage and birthrates in Iran and thus bolster the population.

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Worried that Iranians are staying single too long, the authorities are backing a new matchmaking website meant to help more people get hitched. But some members of the target audience are treating the initiative with all the enthusiasm of a dubious blind date arranged by an overbearing relative. Launched on June 15, the hamsan. Authorities in the Islamic republic hope it will help reduce the number of young single adults — currently 11 million — and ease fears of a population decline in the nation of 80 million people.

During the launch ceremony in Tehran, Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Mahmud Golzari said Iran faces a “family crisis” and needs to promote marriage and family. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who wants Iran’s population to reach million by , has urged officials to take steps to improve the birth rate. People who commented on Radio Farda’s website said some of the questions the matchmaking site asks potential brides and grooms seem suspiciously off the mark. How is that relevant to a matchmaking website?

Indeed, the application form on the website includes an elaborate list of questions ranging from age, height, weight, and eye color to information about social, financial, and educational background as well as smoking habits, taste in clothes, and sporting abilities. It also includes questions about applicant’s political inclination and religious affiliation, even asking which ayatollah they follow.

S. Koreans’ average marriage age rises: report

The website, Hamsan. A board of mediators matches applicants after reviewing their age, education, wealth and family background. He added that he hoped the website would serve as a model for other Muslim countries. After several years of successful policies aimed at curbing population growth, Iran, with a population of 80 million, has begun encouraging young people to marry and have more children. The government fears that an aging population could one day overwhelm its social programs.

Iran has stopped providing free contraception and funding vasectomies, while state-sanctioned sermons have encouraged larger families.

If the NIE assessment that Iran could develop nuclear weapons sometimes , available at , Regime officials have said the same things numerous times. Scott Sagan and Kenneth Waltz, “A Nuclear Iran: Promoting Stability or Courting Disaster?

LONDON Reuters – Western states hope new oil sanctions will deter Tehran from pursuing its disputed nuclear program but ultimately it will be China, India and other Asian powers that determine their effectiveness impact on already volatile Iranian politics. But — unlike rounds of sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council — they are not binding on other countries.

Although China has almost halved its imports of Iranian oil recently, Chinese officials are negotiating new contracts. Beijing has also made it clear it wants other Asian nations to continue their purchases. India, currently the largest single purchaser of Iranian oil, has struck a deal to pay for new deliveries with shipments of food.

The U. What Beijing, New Delhi and others do look to be doing, however, is using the new sanctions and broader diplomatic pressure from Washington in particular to negotiate much better pricing from Tehran.

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Attention to need–service matching is an important feature of evidence-based practice from both the perspective of case planning with families and the design of.

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Iran’s regime-approved matchmaking website promotes dating with traditional values

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Wenn Sie fortfahren, nehmen wir an, dass Sie mit der Verwendung von Cookies auf der Webseite waldrapp. Earlier this year, Golzari said he hoped the site would create “, marriages” and thus “solve the problem of marriage amongst young people”. Run by the Islamic Development Organisation, which promotes conservative Houston values, the website does not allow users to upload pictures or view the attitude of potential matches, with all matchmaking done by officials.

Under Iran’s strict site of Sharia law, sex outside marriage is illegal, however sites of dating websites have sprung up, including sites offering nice marriages known as marriage, reports the BBC. The government has recently launched a series of sites designed to boost the country’s birthrate, including scrapping the provision of free contraceptives, and providing financial imperatives to encourage people to marry. It is believed that the economic downturn caused in marriage by international sanctions has made the cost of marriage prohibitive for many Iranians.

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Former Victorian premier Denis Napthine expected to quit Parliament

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That meeting eventually took place and led to the Alexandria Statement, others made themselves at home in Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda Market. To ensure closer interfaith ties, King Hamad has also launched the Bahrain If the UAE-​Israel deal had been an arranged marriage, then Iran’s supreme.

After three months of mostly comparing expectations rather than negotiating compromises, the sides had intended to start drafting a final agreement that could end more than a decade of enmity and mistrust and dispel fears of a wider Middle East war. This fourth round of negotiations in the Austrian capital began on Wednesday and ended on Friday.

The U. Another Western official agreed it was possible to reach a deal by July 20 but added that the six powers expected more from Iran. For the first time since the six powers and Iran began negotiating on a long-term deal in Vienna in February, European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who speaks on behalf of the six powers, and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif chose not to appear for a joint news conference.

The six powers want Iran to agree to scale back uranium enrichment and other sensitive nuclear activity and accept more rigorous U. Tehran denies having any such underlying ambition, saying its nuclear program is for only for power generation and medical purposes. Still, the atmosphere remained businesslike enough for Iranian-U.

The West worries it could prove a source of plutonium for nuclear bombs once operational but Iran has offered to alter its configuration so that any plutonium output would be minimal and insignificant. The Islamic state says it wants to expand the number of centrifuges it has refining uranium, maintaining that it needs them to fuel a future network of nuclear power stations. That is unacceptable for the United States and its allies, concerned that the same activity can be put to building bombs.

They want Tehran to instead significantly reduce the number of centrifuges – roughly 10, – it now operates. Iran rules out shutting any of its nuclear facilities, which it regards as synonymous with national pride and achievement. Its priority for any deal is an end of international sanctions that have severely damaged its oil-reliant economy.

World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji

SEOUL, June 21 Yonhap — The average ages of both South Korean men and women at the time of their first marriages have reached record highs, a market report said Tuesday, suggesting economic issues as a possible reason. According to the report from local matchmaking firm Duo, the average age of men who met their wives through matchmaking companies and tied the knot for the first time came to The two-year average marked an increase of The average age of women at first marriage also rose by 2.

The findings were in line with an earlier report from state-run Statistics Korea, which said the average age of all South Korean males at the time of their first marriage reached a record high of Duo officials said the rise in average marriage age may have to do with growing prices that apparently require young people to work longer to save enough money to start a marriage.

Iran and six world powers made little progress this week in talks on over Tehran’s nuclear program, U.S. and Iranian officials said on Friday.

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Helping to Give Peace a Chance

Britain’s Home Office declined comment on the reports, but indicated that an announcement would be made soon. Marriage and civil partnership are already virtually identical under British law, but because same sex unions are carried out by government registrars, the ceremony must take place in a public building and religious references are banned.

Some activists also argue that the different titles — “marriage” versus “civil partnership” — means that there’s still a subtle stigma attached to same sex relationships, and a group is now pressing the case to make civil partnership and marriage available to all couples. Unsourced reports in the BBC and British newspapers said the government’s equalities minister Lynne Featherstone was preparing to propose a move which would allow gay couples to get hitched in religious ceremonies and at religious venues.

Many reports raised the possibility that such ceremonies would be officially known as marriages. Britain’s civil partnership law, introduced in , already gives gay couples the same legal protection, adoption and inheritance rights as heterosexual married partners.

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Starting with the Islamic Revolution of , Iran has rolled out a series of laws aimed to stem and grow the country’s population. The revolution ushered in a strong wave of religious nationalism in the country. Although Iranian women had earned expanded legal protections and rights pre, Ayatollah Khomeini essentially had these revoked.

The Ayatollah pushed Iranians to grow the country’s population so it could have an army 20 million strong. His call seemed to work as Iran saw a massive population spurt from through In that period, the country had grown from a population of 34 million to roughly 50 million, roughly seven children per woman, according to UN data. Such a growth rate strained the country’s economy and infrastructure. Leaders began to worry Iran’s food supply, education system, housing, and employment sector could not support so many people.

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